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How To Make Your Abortion Essays Both Tactful and Convincing

Writing an abortion essay with both tact and poignancy can be difficult to pull off. Writing an argumentative essay on abortion can be even more difficult. Really, the trick to making your point on abortion essay topics without upsetting your reader is to steer clear of emotionally charged phrasings and stick to well developed facts and arguments, whatever your position may be. Here's an example:

Abortion can be a polarizing topic, but really the conversation boils down to two competing arguments: the desire to protect life, and the desire to protect self determination. Both concepts rest at the heart of what is important to an individual and so people with different perspectives are bound to respond to the practice differently. Abortion has been practiced globally with both pros and cons for millennium. Abortion legalization in the 1970s was an effort to make the procedure safer for women, whatever the answer to the ethical questions regarding the practice. As with anything close to the hearts and minds of the people though, as the conversation evolves laws and perspectives will continue to change.

From ancient to modern times abortion has been practiced without regard to its legality. Up until legalization of safe and sterile procedures in the 1970s after the passage of Roe v. Wade, many women had to resort to self administering abortifacient herbs, applying uterine pressure, or even utilizing sharp implements to terminate their unwanted pregnancy. Of course many of the homemade abortion methods are very unsafe to undergo and often result in additional trauma.

Since legalization, economists have theorized about positive social aspects rooted in abortion like fewer impoverished children necessitating social benefit dollars, and less spending on emergency healthcare for underground abortions gone wrong. Some theories have even gone as far as correlating the decline in violent crime in the lat 1990s to the passage of Roe. v. Wade 20 years earlier eliminating a swath of criminality before it even began.

It is the opinion of much of the scientific community that life begins somewhere in the second to third trimester where bodily functions develop and memories begin to be saved. Of course, owing to the existential nature of the question of what is life, abortion proponents and opponents continue to make impassioned pleas to government officials to support their view on whether life begins at birth or conception. Whatever the answer to that question ultimately ends up being, by many metrics society has been a safer and healthier place since the end of the abortion ban.