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Building Strong Correlations In Your Animal Farm Essay

Animal Farm essay prompts can be a breeze to write because of how heavy handed Orwell wanted to be in his novel. His effort to create a clear narrative to the British public has made your job of writing a concise essay on Animal Farm that much easier. Any good Animal Farm essay will follow the flow of the book, and summarize that power is a force that always corrupts:

The subversive element of a society is only subversive so long as it remains the underdog. Once a group ascends to power they cease being the subvert and start being the state. Never is this more clear than in George Orwell's Animal Farm. The power on the farm starts in the hands of the humans and they operate without regard to animal quality of life. This frustrates the animals and leads them to call a meeting. The animals rebel and overthrow man only to install their own government that winds up having many of the same problems as the one they wanted to replace. Power is a corrupting force that must be dealt with carefully.

At the start of the novel the power on the farm lies firmly in the hands of man. The animals on the farm often are not fed, and none reach the end of their days without being slaughtered or dying of illness. From an animal perspective conditions are as bad as they could be.

The animals on the farm band together and have a secret meeting wherein they decide to eliminate the farmers and take the farm over for themselves. The pigs become natural leaders in the effort to overthrow the farm, and by the time the revolution is over they are poised to become the new overlords on the farm.

Because the pigs bear additional farm responsibilities they give special privileges to the other pigs, and move into the best rooms in the farm. When a sect within the animals push for reformations, the pigs have the dogs chase their detractors off of the farm as well. What started out as the pursuit of equality ends in autocracy.

Time and again throughout literature and history has it been shown that those who come into power are swiftly corrupted by the very power that they sought to wield. Whether this speaks to inherent human flaws or simply the nature of man, it is a warning that would be well heeded.