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How To Write A Cold War Essay: Study An Example

The Cold War was one of the most dangerous military conflicts of the 20th century as it carried the risk of triggering the World War III. This would have undoubtedly devastated the planet, but the disaster was averted. Unlike with many other conflicts, this one didn’t have a single cause to rally the troops behind. Its multidimensional nature is the reason why there are so many interesting Cold War essay topics you can use for your assignment. Studying the following example of the Causes of the Cold War essay will give you a good idea of how to create an outstanding paper by yourself:

Cold War

There is no single, ultimate cause of the Cold War because the roots of this conflict date back many decades. One could conclude that it was the mutual suspicion and distrust between the USA and the USSR that made this war inevitable. The World War II and differences in their post-war security objectives exacerbated the problem, which ultimately resulted in the conflict.

The mutual dislike between the United States and the USSR was present for many years, and it got significantly worse after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The US feared the influx of communism in Europe and refused to recognize the new Soviet government. The promotion of the capitalism destruction by the leaders of this revolution has only solidified the negative attitude from the US government.

The second significant problem, which can be contributed to the causes of the Cold War, was the refusal of Churchill and Roosevelt to open a second front during the World War II. The delay with this action cost thousands of Soviet lives and put an extreme amount of pressure on the Red Army near Stalingrad. This bred the resentment from both the Soviet nation as a whole and Stalin in particular. The situation was further exacerbated by Truman’s refusal to extend relief loans to the USSR, while offering them to Britain.

The confliction attitudes between these two nations could not be ignored in the wake of the World War II. The total devastation of major European powers has turned the world bipolar, as there were no other nations to balance out the USA and USSR. Both these countries survived with their manufacturing abilities in the working order. Such a clear division between two major powers with opposing views, and the political turmoil caused by the last war, made the brewing conflict indivertible.

The final reason that led to the beginning of the Cold War was the difference in the security objectives between the USA and the USSR. As the Soviets have been invaded twice since the beginning of the 20th century, they insisted on installing friendly governments in the countries separating the USSR and Germany. They also voted for the dismantling and total suppression of Germany to keep it dependent. The USA government, on the other hand, pushed towards democracy in every part of Europe.

The combination of these events resulted in the conflict known as the Cold War. Neither party is blameless in it, but their deep-rooted opposition in the current political stage made this particular war inevitable.