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Great Global Warming Essay Example To Get You Started

As our planet becomes increasingly warm and climate change takes a central role in public discourse, being assigned a global warming essay in school continues to be a likely prospect. The key to writing a great essay on global warming, though, remains the same as with writing any great paper: develop a quality outline and follow it to success. A causes and effect of global warming essay is often a winning approach. Lead with the theory and potential causes. Continue into the effects of climate change, and close with a summary and a call to action. Consider the following example essay:

Global Warming

While researchers have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of rising global temperatures and climate change for decades, many scientists are now saying that the temperature on our planet is fast approaching the point of no return. The theory is that manmade carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are contributing to rising temperatures worldwide and setting off a devastating chain of climate change events. The effects of these gasses from rising sea levels to increased severe weather events will have long lasting repercussions. There are many actions that our society takes each day that contribute to overproduction of greenhouse gasses. Humanity will need to band together if we hope to change the processes that are putting our future at risk.

When fossil fuels like coal or gasoline are burned, they emit gasses into our atmosphere that increase atmospheric density. This increased density then traps solar heat on Earth and contributes to increased temperatures on our planet's surface. While researchers have been calling for a widespread reduction in fossil fuel usage since the 1980s, coal, oil and natural gas remain our primary source of energy worldwide. If the burning of fossil fuels continues into the future, some scientists estimate that we will quickly pass the point of no return and forever damage our planet's climate. That is, if we haven't already.

September 2016 was marked as the 11th hottest month on record in a row making 2016 the hottest year our planet has weathered yet. As temperatures rise across the globe, sea ice and coastal ice caps will continue to melt at an unprecedented rate causing coastal flooding in lowlands and oceanic warming. As the planet's oceans continue to warm we will see severe weather events increase at an alarming rate. This can already be seen by an increase in North American hurricane severity each season. If patterns do not change, analysts predict billions in damages related to global climate change in the next 20 years.

Each day it is up to us to make and push for changes that will lead to overall reduction in greenhouse gasses. Pushed in large part by the changing public narrative with regard to climate change, many industries are already shifting from coal and gas based energy to solar and electric alternatives. While these are major steps in the right direction, we can do more to hold noncompliant corporations and governments accountable for their share of the damage to the planet. At the end of the day we must all share our planet and the environment that we share.