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A Holocaust Essay Introduction For Student Writers

Writing an essay about the holocaust may seem at first like a simple task owing to how thoroughly it has been documented, but developing an essay on the holocaust can actually be a little tricky. Of course you want your holocaust essay to be as strong as you can make it so here we'll present an example essay on holocaust survivors and war crimes. Writing an essay holocaust survivors lets you present both a narrative and a timeline and makes it easy to stick to a winning path. The holocaust essay that your teacher wants to grade starts with a strong introduction, follows a firm outline, and delivers a succinct summary:

The holocaust was an atrocity of untold proportions and one of the worst cases of ethnic genocide that our planet has seen. Hitler's third reich used political and social mechanisms to offload post-war anger onto Jews. Many in Germany at the time were ready to make Germany great again and were looking for a scapegoat to their previous war failings. During the holocaust millions of Jews and other minority groups were separated from their families, forced into camps, and murdered. The scale of this atrocity even decades later is still being examined. The massive loss of life and talent has left a gap in our society that is still strongly felt in many sectors today.

Following the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the end of the first world war, many Germans were upset over the loss of historically German land and steep reparations. During his rise to power in the early 1930's a recurring theme of the third reich was the offloading of blame over their war losses from government policies to Jewish influence in politics and business. As the reich ramped up war efforts this sentiment intensified and manifested ultimately in mass murders and concentration camps.

In Europe between 1941 and 1945 more than six million Jews and minorities were murdered. While ethnic Jews bore the brunt of the third reich's hate a violence plenty of pain was reserved for gays, blacks, and the mentally challenged. Millions more families were displaced by the fighting and separated from their families, in some cases never to be seen again. Holocaust victims were forced to endure inhumane conditions, beatings, starvation, and worse. No one who lived through that period of time was ever the same again.

The resulting loss of life and talent during the holocaust has had immeasurable impact on society in the ensuing years. This generation, in conjunction with war losses, has been called the second lost generation with more than a third of Jewish men women and children in Europe being killed. Even having just lived through the most brutal warfare our planet has faced, the Allied soldiers rescuing Jewish survivors from the concentration camps at the heart of Nazi territory were shocked by the violence and callousness that they were forced to witness. The horrors endured by holocaust survivors are hard to imagine but the lessons they teach should never be forgotten.