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How To Tackle A Causes Of Obesity Essay

Writing a childhood obesity essay can be difficult to accomplish. In an obesity essay, much of the content is spent restating commonly understood bodily mechanisms and it can be hard to keep the paper interesting. While you may be tempted to write more of a fast food obesity essay, resist the urge to stray from the topic and instead relay the compelling data points in as thoughtful a layout as possible. For example:

Rates of obesity are rising in both children and adults throughout the developed world. The United States recently ranked 12th in the world for the rate of overweight adults. There are many causes of obesity including poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Obesity is also related to many negative health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Thankfully, though it can be hard to eat right and get enough exercise, there are many effective ways to combat the rising rate of obesity.

The most common cause of obesity is simply a matter of malnutrition. Individuals eating an imbalanced diet high in fat or sugars are likely to increase their body weight. Another common cause of obesity, especially in adults who live more sedentary lifestyles, is simply a lack of adequate exercise. Healthcare professionals recommend that the average adult get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, though you can stave off obesity with far less.

As rates of obesity rise in a given area the rates of related diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes also increase. The cost of treating these ensuing conditions has been estimated to be as high as $147 billion in 2008, with an additional cost of $6.38 billion worth of employee productivity lost. As a result it is of huge importance to both government officials and employers to reduce rates of obesity as drastically as possible.

Public outreach campaigns have been successful in recent years in turning the tide of rising obesity and changing unhealthy habits in adults. For example, after more than 20 years of soft drinks being the drink of choice for Americans, 2016 was the first year to see more water sales than any other beverage. In addition, youth programs such as Play60 and the Obama administration's Let's Move! outreach campaign, have helped millions of young Americans get outside and start the habit of exercising daily. If these trends continue we should be able to roll back the obesity epidemic of past decades.