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Make The Most Out Of Your Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Being assigned a Romeo and Juliet essay for class is about as timeless as the tale itself. Scene by scene rehashes of the subject matter make for boring papers, but unless you were assigned a specific writing angle then there are a lot of different paper types that you can choose to write. A classic is the Romeo and Juliet love essay, but you could just as easily write a Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay or a Romeo and Juliet analysis essay. Just remember to keep your essay about Romeo and Juliet light, because your teacher is going to be reading a lot of them! Consider this example:

William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is a story of young love that was cursed from the start. The story and the tale of Romeo and Juliets' intertwined families takes place over the span of just five intense days. Over the course of the brief play the lovers go to extreme ends including murder to be with one another. In the end they find themselves on the wrong end of fate, and both families learn a valuable lesson; sometimes it's better to let go.

Romeo and Juliet, two teens from feuding families in 14th century Italy and the protagonists of the play, meet and fall in love in the opening scenes. Knowing that their relationship will be dismissed by their family they first attempt to keep their relationship a secret confiding in only their closest confidantes. Although their union is quickly denounced by those in whom they confide their mismatched devotion, they push forward with their young romance to tragic consequences.

As word of their continued romance spreads through the ranks of the Montagues and the Capulets the violence seems destined to reach a fever pitch. A fight breaks out between the feuding families, and in the ensuing melee Juliet's cousin Tybalt kills Romeo's friend Mercutio. Driven to a rage over the murder of his friend and Romeo's own cowardice, Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo is forces to flee the city, and Juliet's family take the opportunity to arrange for her to be married to Paris.

Ultimately the play reaches its conclusion with a poorly thought out attempt to escape from their fate wherein Juliet mistakenly kills herself, and Romeo follows suit in despair. Over a matter of a few days the star crossed teens have made life altering decisions and left their families forever shattered.

The primary moral of the tale is that had each family buried the hatchet rather than attempt to dissuade two forces who obviously would stop at nothing to be together their fortunes could have been very different. Still, had the young lovers listened to the advice given to them by their families and allowed more time for the situation to adjust, they could have spared both their own lives and that of their friends. Like any good tragedy many mistakes were made by the characters and ultimately they are the architects of their own demise.