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APA Style Essay Writing

Most students have struggled with an essay at some time or another, and what we’ve found is that the structure and layout is one of the things people have the most trouble with. This applies to any essay, of course, but often there are special requirements that make it even more difficult.

One common format that often causes problems is the APA style essay. The American Psychological Association style is a format used for research papers and dissertations in many subjects, mostly in the arts and social sciences. It’s designed to make papers easy to read and it does this quite well, so it’s become very popular among writers in other fields too, but it can be quite tricky to get right.

APA essays follow a defined layout and also have a lot of requirements for formatting the text. Let’s look at some requirements to get an idea of what’s involved:

APA format essays - layout

APA style essays are divided into the following sections:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Main body (including introduction, discussion and conclusions)
  • References
  • Appendices

It’s important to include all these sections and to have the right content in each one. The addition of an abstract is a change from the standard essay format most students are familiar with, but it’s a very good idea; an interesting abstract can grab a reader’s attention and make them want to read on. It’s also a handy way of letting people know if the paper relates to something they’re interested in.


Because an APA essay is a formal academic document it’s essential that all facts and claims are properly referenced. There’s a clear style for this, too.

APA Formatting

The style guide has strict guidelines about how the essay should be formatted. These go into a lot of detail. Here are a few examples of the rules:

  • A 12 point serif font (such as Times New Roman) must be used
  • All sides of the document must have a one inch margin
  • The title must appear on all pages
  • Every page must be numbered
  • All tables and figures should begin on a new page

That’s just a small selection; there are a lot more!

Before starting on an essay in this format it’s essential to have access to the APA style guide. This is known as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and it can be found in the reference section of most libraries. You can also find the key information online at the APA home page.

If you still find the idea of APA style intimidating, don’t worry! At we know how difficult it can be and we have services to help you. Once you’ve written your essay one of our editors can turn it into perfect APA style for you. If required we can even write an APA style essay to order.