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How to do a Cause and Effect Essay

Your newest assignment has been dubbed a “cause and effect” essay – so how do you go about writing one? How to write a cause and effect essay is a common question among students, and here’s how you do it:

A good place to start is to decide which format might hold up better for your topic or area of interest; one cause that has multiple effects on something, or multiple causes that have an effect on something

Choose your cause and effect essay arguments carefully, following the pattern or format your professors’ have given, remembering to think of supporting statements and research for each cause or each effect you are illustrating

How to write a cause and effect essay that you know absolutely nothing about? Devote some time to researching sources that can be referenced in your essay, as well as learning about the topics in general

Learn from any examples or other resources your teacher gives you, and follow their guidelines as well as what you’ve learned in your classes

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